In this tutorial series I show you how to create a simple sampler plug-in using C++ and the JUCE Framework.  I’d recommend following along with these videos if you have some familiarity with C++ and would like to understand more about how the JUCE Framework is structured without getting too far into DSP.

You can follow along and get the code on GitHub.

Subjects covered include:

–  Component Class

– Drawing waveforms

– Synthesiser Class

– Building a VST

– Slider and Label Classes

– Basic Object-Oriented Concepts

– ADSR Class

– Audio Processor Value Tree State

– Using your own images in a plug-in



Part 1 – Loading and Playing

Part 2 – Drag and Drop Samples

Part 3 – Drawing Waveforms

Part 4 – Making Sliders and Labels

Part 5 – Using the Slider Listener Class

Part 6 – Building an ADSR Envelope

Part 7 – Audio Processor Value Tree State (2020)

Pt 8 – Basic Object Oriented Concepts

Pt 9 – Creating a Transport / Playhead

Part 10 – How to Use Images in Your Plug-ins

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