Recruitment for the Audio Developer Community

At The Audio Developer we are in a uniquely strong position to work with individuals and companies to provide recruitment services.  Within our recruitment team we have access to professional audio developers and a talented Human Resources team which means that we know how to find the right people for the right job.

For Candidates

We are in a great position to not only help you find the perfect job, but also to help you develop the skills through our tutorials.  We know exactly what it’s like to find work as an Audio Developer because we’ve done it ourselves.  If you’re looking for work, have a look at the latest roles, drop us your CV or contact us directly.

For Companies

Members of our recruitment team have worked as Audio Programmers, consulted with business in the industry and know what it takes to be an effective and valuable employee.  Our unique blend of industry experience and recruitment services know how means that The Audio Programmer is ideally suited to finding the right people to suit your role requirements.  You can find out more by contacting us, or browse the latest prospective candidates.

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