Thank you to everyone who joined us for our virtual meetup on 14 April!  Themes discussed included video game audio, using machine learning in real-time audio plug-ins, and the latest developments in MIDI 2.0.  We have the full live stream and individual vids below.

April Audio Programmer Virtual Meetup

Bogdan Vera (Principal Programmer at Media Molecule)

“Development of Player-Driven Audio Tools for Dreams”


This talk takes a look back at the development of a novel digital audio toolset within Media Molecule’s new title ‘Dreams’, running entirely on a game console and taking advantage of the motion-based input methods available on the system. These tools were designed and implemented from the ground up to create an experience that would be fun for complete beginners but also fulfilling for advanced audio creators – including the game’s own audio team, which made the entire game’s soundtrack using the same tools.

The session focuses on the challenges and knowledge derived in attempting to bridge the divide between players/new creators and experts, both from a UX design perspective and a technical one. Programmer Bogdan Vera will also present unique workflows enabled by the game’s idiosyncratic, gestural and flow-based approach to creation.

Christian Steinmetz (Music Technology Group at Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

“FlowEQ: Using Machine Learning and MATLAB to Build an Intelligent EQ Plugin”

The parametric EQ is one of the most powerful forms of the equalizer and requires training and experience for the audio engineer to use it effectively to achieve the desired timbre. flowEQ uses a disentangled variational autoencoder (β-VAE) in order to provide a high level interface to the parametric EQ.

By employing the trained decoder network from our model in the real-time plugin (built using MATLAB), the user can quickly search through the relevant configurations of a five band parametric equalizer using one, two, or three powerful controls. This methodology promotes using one’s ears to determine the proper settings instead of using one’s eyes (i.e. observing transfer functions or specific frequency controls).

Brett G Porter (Lead Engineer, Audio+Music at Art+Logic)

“A Look At MIDI 2.0”

37 years after its original adoption, the MIDI standard finally gets its major revision number bumped up. In this talk, we’ll look at some of the new capabilities and concepts introduced by the new standard, and how it’s going to interoperate with the billions of pieces of existing MIDI gear.

We’ll pay special attention to the additions being made to the legacy message types from MIDI 1 as well as brand new messages added to the spec that add a rich set of new expressive possibilities for developers and performers.

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