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Past Clients


Audio Programmer Meetup (May 2020)

Audio Programmer Virtual Meetup (May 2020) Thanks to everyone who tuned into our virtual meetup yesterday.  We've put the videos for you individually below. Themes discussed included embedded audio, speech synthesis with machine learning, and live coding.  Enjoy!...

Audio Programmer Meetup (Apr 2020)

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our virtual meetup on 14 April!  Themes discussed included video game audio, using machine learning in real-time audio plug-ins, and the latest developments in MIDI 2.0.  We have the full live stream and individual vids...

Abbey Road Red Hackathon 2019

Last year, I had the pleasure of representing JUCE as a mentor at the Abbey Road Hackathon - it was a tremendous success, and it's an honor that I will be back again this year, this time representing The Audio Programmer. We are also sponsors for the event! The focus...

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