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Monthly Meetup Feb 09, 2021

Monthly Meetup Feb 09, 2021

Mark Heath (Software Architect, NICE Systems) "Is .NET Any Good For Audio?" Mark is a software architect and developer currently specializing in Azure and .NET, building digital evidence management systems for criminal justice. He's a Microsoft MVP, author of many...

Audio Programmer Meetup (January 2021)

Audio Programmer Meetup (January 2021)

Oli Larkin (Software Engineer, Independent) "iPlug2: And Introduction" iPlug2 is a liberally licensed C++ framework that allows you to build cross-platform audio plug-ins using minimal code. Over the last few years Oli Larkin and Alex Harker have reworked the original...

New to the Audio Programmer Team –  Stu Last

New to the Audio Programmer Team – Stu Last

 Stu Last (Founder, Spyced Concepts) "New to the Audio Programmer Team" Stu Last has just joined the Audio Programmer Team and has recorded a quick vlog to introduce himself. "Hey everyone! I'm super excited to be joining The Audio Programmer Team. I'll be creating...

Oboe v1.6.1 just released. Includes improved logging methods, fix for Galaxy S9 recording silence and better callback stop handling. Full details:

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