Pavel Novikov Headshot

Pavel Novikov (R&D, Align Technology)

“Building Intuition for Sample Rate and Aliasing?”

Pavel got an engineering degree in missilery from BMSTU.

Loves C++ and knows how to cook it.  He likes metaprogramming, multithreading and asynchronous programming, coroutine adoption enthusiast.

If you are new to digital signal processing and just starting to peek under the hood, chances are you stumbled upon terms like “sample rate” and “aliasing”. And if sample rate is relatively tangible and straightforward, aliasing is somewhat elusive and unintuitive.
In this talk, we will quickly reiterate the basics of digital signal processing, namely the concept of sample rate, and will try to internalize what aliasing is, and what we can do to mitigate its unwanted effects.
José Diaz Rohena Headshot

José Diaz Rohena (Software Engineer, Ableton)

“Beyond The Code”

José Díaz Rohena is an audio software developer based in Berlin. Previously a musician and recording engineer, he entered the audio software industry after graduate studies in NYU’s Music Technology program. Originally focused on audio plugin development (particularly effects algorithms), he’s now more interested in building larger systems.

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