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Daniel Jones (Audio Software Engineer, Independent)

“SignalFlow DSP Engine”


Daniel Jones is an artist and software engineer, making digital systems that translate patterns from the world around us into living musical forms. As one-half of Jones/Bulley, this involves creating large-scale sound installations that generate music from real-time processes, ranging from weather patterns (Variable 4, 2010-) to forest ecosystems (Living Symphonies, 2014-) to FM radio broadcasts (Radio Reconstructions, 2012-). Underpinning all of this work is a growing series of libraries which are freely available under open-source licenses.

SignalFlow is an open-source audio DSP engine whose goal is to make it quick and intuitive to explore complex sonic ideas. Its core is C++11, with a full Python API, allowing for rapid prototyping (in Jupyter, PyCharm, or python CLI), efficient processing (with cross-platform hardware acceleration), and lots of built-in node classes for creative exploration. In this talk, I will take you through the principles behind SignalFlow, give a tour of its key components, show how it can be used in generative music and sonification, and (hopefully) give a demo of making a patch from scratch.

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Matt Tytel (Vital Synth)

“Beyond The Code”

This month The Audio Programmer will be chatting with Matt Tytel. Matt is a synth designer and game developer living in Vermont. He is the developer of the recently released synth Vital. Before Vital, Matt jumped around the industry working at audio software companies (Cakewalk) and music game companies (Harmonix).

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