Stijn Haring-Kuipers (This Is Not Rocket Science/TINRS)

“DSP, But Why? Designing For Music”

“Beyond the Code” is a section of the meetup where we are able to speak with key individuals in music tech about their journey and perspectives on audio development.

This month we welcome Gerhard Behles, co-founder and CEO of Ableton, one of the most exciting music tech companies within our industry.

Geraint Luff (Signalsmith Audio)

“Let’s Write A Reverb

Constructing an easy-to-tune design for smooth high-quality reverb, using a variation on the classic feedback-delay network (FDN) structure. 

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We host monthly presentations from those looking to share their discoveries in music tech and software development. Some example topics include:

Exploring cutting edge technologies for audio development
Best practices for real-time programming
Music information retrieval
Game audio
and more!

If you are interested in presenting a talk or demo, please submit here.

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