Our next Audio Programmer Monthly Meetup will be on September 14th at 18:30 BST. We will be fully virtual on this website and on YouTube, where you can join us to share your thoughts, join in the conversation and ask questions of the presenters.


Nick Thompson (Creative Intent)

“Building A Plugin With Elementary Audio” 

In this talk we’ll explore the developer experience for writing an audio plugin using Elementary Audio. Elementary is a new audio runtime and framework for writing audio applications in a functional, declarative model.

You can learn about Nick Thompson and his programming endeavors (including Elementary Audio) on his blog


Valerio Velardo (The Sound of AI)

“Beyond The Code”

Valerio is an AI audio engineer and programmer at The Sound of AI, a company oriented around the application of artificial intelligence to music. In this Q&A, we’ll gain insight into his niche and the audio industry as a whole. 

He also writes blogs discussing everything from Undertale’s melodic progressions to Red Dead Redemption’s AI



About The Audio Programmer Monthly Meetups

We invite you to join us every 2nd Tuesday of the month for the Audio Programmer Meetup! These meetups are a way for us to exchange knowledge, ask questions and meet with other audio programmers throughout the world.

We invite you to join us no matter where you may be in your audio programming journey, whether you are a software developer, student, artist, or just generally interested in finding out more about audio technology.

Inclusion is at the core of our meetups, and we follow the Berlin Code of Conduct. For more information, please read more here https://berlincodeofconduct.org


Submit a Talk for the Meetup


We host monthly presentations from those looking to share their discoveries in music tech and software development. Some example topics include:

Exploring cutting edge technologies for audio development
Best practices for real-time programming
Music information retrieval
Game audio
…and more!

If you are interested in presenting a talk or demo, please submit here.

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