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Do you want to learn Audio Programming for free? With so many languages and frameworks it can be confusing to know where to start.  At The Audio Programmer, we want to help you get to grips with developing software, plugins and websites that leverage the power of Audio, and we want to make it accessible. So we have pulled together a big ol’ pile of free courses, blogs and a vibrant dev community to get you started on your journey in Audio Programming.

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JUCE 6 C++ Framework

The JUCE 6 C++ framework is the latest iteration of this industry wide development tool. Equally at home on Linux, Mac or Windows, JUCE 6 provides a superb library of modules to get your next Audio software off the ground and making some noise.

The JUCE 6 course features brand new videos Josh Hodges and supplementary content from Stu Last to guide you through, installing JUCE, configuring your first project, getting to grips with designing a UI and creating your own Audio Software and DAW plugins.

Join us on The Audio Programmer JUCE 6 Course and let us guide you through the amazing power of the JUCE framework to bring you next Audio Ideas to life.

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