Monthly Meetup May 11, 2021

Monthly Meetup May 11, 2021

Alexx Mitchell (Audio Software Engineer, Madison Square Garden) “Spectral Subtraction In Python”   Alexx is a software engineer and audio professional currently based out of Los Angeles. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, they have worked for...
Monthly Meetup Apr 13, 2021

Monthly Meetup Apr 13, 2021

Alexander Prokopchuk (CTO, Braingines) Basil Sumatokhin (CPO, Braingines) Alexander “Sasha” Talashov (Technology Architect, Braingines) “Processing Sound on the GPU”   Alexander Prokopchuk is an experienced developer manager and computer...
Monthly Meetup Mar 09, 2021

Monthly Meetup Mar 09, 2021

Pavel Novikov (R&D, Align Technology) “Building Intuition for Sample Rate and Aliasing?” Pavel got an engineering degree in missilery from BMSTU. Loves C++ and knows how to cook it.  He likes metaprogramming, multithreading and asynchronous...

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