Getting the right Candidates

There’s no doubt about it, finding candidates and recruitment in general can be a tricky process.  It’s time consuming and fraugh with pitfalls.  That’s where The Audio Programmer comes in.  We have a talented team here  that have practical knowledge of working in the field of Audio Programming, working with audio technology, and working in recruitment and HR in general.    This unique blend of experience and knowledge puts us in a great position to fully understand role requirements and deliver carefully selected, quality candidates. 

Promoting Potential

At The Audio Programmer, one of the things we care deeply about is identifying and promoting the potential of our candidates.  As well as providing the initial recruitment service, we back this up with a well rounded Audio Developer Community, online training courses and monthly meetups.  Not only do we provide the candidates, but we also offer a means to help them develop their career and bring new knowledge to your team.

Audio & Music DSP Specialist

Versatile Audio DSP Engineer & Researcher with over 10 years of experience seeks a full-time role in San Fransisco or remote.

Region: US 

Key Skills: 

  • C, C++, Python, MATLAB, Java 
  • JUCE, Max/MSP, Faust, Bela 
  • Audio effects and synthesis 
  • Spatial audio capture and rendering 
  • Musical interaction design 
  • Microphone and loudspeaker arrays 
  • Critical listening 
  • Room acoustics

Game Audio C++ Engineer

Game Audio Engineer with 4+ years of experience looking for a remote role but is open to relocation for the right opportunity.

Region: Canada

Key Skills:
● C++, C#, Unreal Engine, Unity
● Object oriented design and 3D math skills
● Working with animations (animation tagging, state management)
● Working with technically minded artists to implement quality solutions
● Middleware solutions, Wwise & Fmod
● Designing, implementing and maintaining asset management pipelines
● Debugging, profiling and optimizing game and audio threads

Junior Electrical / Embedded Audio Engineer

Motivated Electrical Engineer with a strong Computer Science background seeking an entry level Broadcast, Software, AV or Embedded Systems Engineer role.

Region: US

Key Skills:
● C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, JAVAFX, MATLAB, Assembly, Typescript, Swift,
Python, VHDL
● Projects: Pedal PCB design, electronic flute prototype, video game design,
embedded systems design, retrofuturistic hardware research project

C++ Audio Engineer

Experienced C++ Engineer with a strong background in developing audio tools and apps is looking for an exciting full-time or contract opportunity.

Region: UK

Key Skills:
● Cross platforms development with C++, JUCE, TDD
● Qt, Xcode, Visual Studio
● Experience building MIDI keyboards and controllers
● Working remotely across multiple time zones
● Management of product development teams
● Successfully bringing musical hardware projects to market

Junior C++ / JUCE / DSP Engineer

Junior - Mid level Audio Software Developer with a passion for software development, audio signal processing, sound design and music production.

Region: Northern Europe

Key Skills:

  • C++, Python, PHP, Matlab, SQL 
  • SDKs: JUCE, Steinberg’s VST SDK, .NET, Entity Framework, Laravel, Vue, Bootstrap 
  • Spoken Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English
  • Interested in developing plugins that make use of TensorFlow or Pytorch models for audio processing. 

Audio Software Engineer

Experienced Software Engineer with 4+ years in real-time engineering and audio DSP seeking a full-time role preferably in LA.

Region: US 

Key Skills: 

  • C, C++, Python, Typescript / Javascript, WebAssembley, JUCE 
  • Algorithm research and development 
  • Audio DSP
  • Music Information Retrieval 
  • Audio Signal Processing 
  • Worked on a professional DAW for the last 3 years

Audio & DSP Engineer

Software Developer and digital sound enthusiast with over 5+ years of experience seeking a remote or Germany based full-time / part-time role.

Region: Europe

Key Skills:
● C++, C, MATLAB
● Specialised in Audio DSP
● Object oriented programming
● Testing and debugging
● Developing music technology apps and plugins

Junior DSP Engineer

Software Engineer skilled in DSP, analog modelling, music programming and sound design seeking a full-time role.

Region: Northern Europe

Key Skills:
● C++, MATLAB, Python, Git, Bash
● DSP, analog modelling
● Projects: Embouchure interaction model for brass instruments, physical modelling of
real-time expressive brass instruments, digital model of a tape delay with C++ and
JUCE, sound morphing

Senior C++ Developer

Senior C++ / DSP / JUCE and Instrument Designer with 10+ years of experience seeks a part-time role.

Region: UK

Key Skills:
● C++, JUCE
● DSP (sound synthesis, FX algorithms)
● Plugin development (VST, AU, AAX)
● UI
● Project Management
● Cross platform development tools (Mac, Windows)

Audio C++ Engineer

Software Engineer, DAW Plugin Developer and Researcher skilled in C++ and Python.

Region: UK

Key Skills:
● Digital Signal Processing
● Machine Learning
● C++, Python, Tensorflow, Git, PyTorch
● Artificial Intelligence (AI), Github, JUCE, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
● Debugging

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