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Matthew Phillips

Matthew Phillips (DSP and Software Engineer, Trident Audio)
“A Brief Introduction to Non-Linear Audio DSP”

Non-linear digital signal processing is a core component in many of today’s audio applications and plug-in effects. Its usage is all but essential when it comes to modelling vintage analogue hardware, as developers strive to capture the intricate sonic nuances that have helped shape some of the most iconic music in history.

Through the analysis of a real-world problem, this talk will explore some fundamental principles of non-linear processing, resulting in a live demonstration of an example tool for tackling complex audio issues.

Joshua Hodge

Joshua Hodge (Founder, The Audio Programmer)

“The JUCE 6 DSp Module – A Brief Introduction”

In this talk, we will discuss some of the new features in JUCE 6, including improvements to the DSP module, which make it easier than ever to build new audio plug-ins and apps.

Spencer Salazar (CTO, Output)

“Auraglyph –Modular Music Sketchpad“

Auraglyph is a fundamentally new way of thinking about audio software programming, composition, and design, for iPad. In Auraglyph, stylus input is used to draw audio processing and control nodes and the interconnections between them. These nodes are further parameterized by touch and handwritten input. Handwriting recognition is used to analyze the user’s stylus strokes, affording a rich vocabulary of symbolic input. Additional nodes are available for creating conventional input/output interfaces, such as orientation sensing and MIDI I/O.

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