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Allen Lee Headshot

Allen Lee (Software Engineer, Independent)

“Building a Spatial Audio Plugin”

Spatial audio is an important component in creating immersive audio experiences for games, cinema and many other applications. This talk is about the author’s journey in his attempts at building a spatial audio plugin. Topics covered: a brief introduction to spatial audio, a walkthrough of the plugin architecture and the DSP techniques used to spatialize the audio data.

Vlad Voina Headshot

Vlad Voina (Founder, Vocode)
“Q&A: What’s it Like to be a Freelance in Music Tech?”

Well the title pretty much says it all, really. So wwe invited  everybody who is participating in this Q&A session during the live feed to put questions to Vlad.  We had some great questions and really interesting answers. 

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Best practices for real-time programming
Music information retrieval
Game audio
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