Oli Larkin (Software Engineer, Independent)

“iPlug2: And Introduction”

iPlug2 is a liberally licensed C++ framework that allows you to build cross-platform audio plug-ins using minimal code. Over the last few years Oli Larkin and Alex Harker have reworked the original iPlug, modernising the codebase and adding many new features. Some of those features include: hardware accelerated vector graphics, Faust integration, documentation, the ability to make web apps and target the AUv3 format on iOS. Recently work has been done on support for cloud-development tools github actions and codespaces. In this talk Oli will introduce the framework and some of these features.  

For more info on iPlug2 please visit the website: https://iplug2.github.io

Gregory Travis (Software Enginees, Independent)

“Rhythmr:  Semi-Automated Audio Loops”

Rhythmr is an interactive system, implemented in Haskell, for creating ear-pleasing rhythm loops from randomly-acquired audio files. The user iterates through an unending stream of randomly combined music loops, swiping left or right on each one to indicate whether they like it or not. Rhythmr derives a model of which combinations sound good based on user input, and from that, produces a complete song by inserting the chosen combinations into a predefined score.

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