Nov 2020 Meetup Flier
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Chris Maughan (Software Engineer, Independent)

“A Graphics Programmer Does Audio:  Building a Live Coding IDE”

After becoming interested in algorave and live coding, I began work on a part time open source project to build an application with integrated support for audio and visual programming.  Along the way I built a text editor, a graph-based synthesizer, a simple profiler, and various tools to help visualize audio. My focus has been on trying to find better ways to connect the live coding performer to the music they generate, while making an easy to use and flexible tool.

In my talk I’ll present what I’ve learned so far, the approaches taken to solving challenges such as synchronisation between audio and user interface, and implementing a graph based audio synthesizer.

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Q&A with Kevin Molcard (Director of Software Development at Arturia)

Our Q&A sesssions give the opportunity to speak with key industry figures about their work, career, and perspectives on all things audio programming!  Join us live on YouTube and ask questions via the interactive chat.

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